Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Are Alive.

These past few weeks or months, there are a lot of death news in the family, close family friends and in my close circle likewise. My mum and I had a few talks regarding the sad news, nothing of a big issue just an ordinary random conversation about it. But then we realize, that our lives REALLY are short, I know most of us always hear the saying "life is short" everywhere and we don't really apply nor understand it beyond those words. I came to realize with all the deaths surrounding me, that I want to, besides that I need to start making my life more meaningful. Now yes, we feel more worthy when we are productive earning big bucks from our works and being busy making a living with all that other shenanigans.. I agree, because I myself, came to a point when my eyes are just all focused on this "goal" I have, of course it's for me to live a happy life with my luxuries. I was a ruthless mthrfckr, I would kill rather than be killed. But when death comes to us, we may have the money, the house, the car or even the lifestyle one must work hard for... Think again. There will be a lot of silence. Does everyone just loves you when you're dead? Did you help a person get his/her life back on track while you were alive? Or as for me as my thoughts are off wandering, what if it's not you who dies? What if it's your spouse, or worse, your son or your daughter? Well, for me that's the worst thing that can happen, I don't see myself having a reason to live anymore. The reason I'm here is for my family; to love and care for them and give them what they need. If they die, how about me? What will happen to me? I will be devastated for sure. When I took in that idea, my belief and vision changed. It all again led to LOVE. We shouldn't be selfish, we should be selfless; not only for your family but also with the rest of the world. Love unconditionally like how you treat your sons and daughters, I'm not saying to just love one person. Love everyone... Love the world! It's true, happiness is not about chasing greater net-worth - it's about cultivating a greater self-worth. It's not about having more money but finding more meaning. And it's not about only being successful but about being truly significant - a person who creates lasting value in the world. How would you want to be remembered when you die? What will you leave here that will not die when you do? What would it take for you to help change the life of a friend or a stranger for the better? Even for someone you are not related to? As far as I know we are all connected, I wouldn't let anyone face it all alone. Would you? It will start from us... Not from them. Pay it forward.

I wrote this because with the random chat I had with my mum, I thought I wouldn't want my mum to feel sad altogether, I want her to live a happy life that she deserves. I want her to stop worrying about everything. Sometimes she fails to be aware of that, she's stressing too much about life. I love my mother so much and I'm happy I still get to remind her to just chill from time to time and make her life much more meaningful. I wish through this writing, everyone else who'd read this would appreciate what my thoughts are... I just want everyone to come out of their shell and let out their potential powers to love and more. We have so much to give. Let's give it to the ones who need it the most. It could be anyone...the beggar at the street, the old woman riding the train alone needing assistance or even a starving stray dog. Love life and die happy. This blog entry is for my mum and for you all out there. 

shots taken by yours truly at the streets of Malate, Manila. 

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