Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blessings Over Problems.

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These Precious Gems.

I never thought I would post something pink in any form here in my blog (pink-ish, is it? I might be color blind) but this one is an exception... It's an entry that a friend blogged about me and the relationship I have with Him.

Others may think that the reason I'm doing this is just to return the favor to that friend of mine. I think not, this is just me recognizing what people do to me and how they touch me deeply. Given the fact that it's my first time to have someone give me so much credit. Who am I? I'm just no one.

I can't believe how she still remembers detail by detail how our friendship started. How we've outgrown the things we used to do and like or love. Including a few people as well. I dislike the thought that outgrowing certain people seems to make a statement in a way, it may look like I'm too proud to be a step ahead of them.


In my own opinion, it was actually a form of humbling myself down. Taking a step back to make a leap forward. A leap of faith considering you will never know what will happen next. Taking the initiative to give way for one to grow for oneself. Even if it takes cutting corners and separating yourself to them. And from that, you've grown yourself. That's just one angle.

Another one. Outgrowing for me, means to change, or also good to say, to stop... To stop settling for a thing or two, whatever it is significant in your doing; and always find a way to extend yourself to anything and everything possible in your power. So we continue to grow, we continue to learn... Learn to accept that what you thought is best for today, may not be the best for tomorrow.

Reaching out... I help others not only because it's my personal choice but it's also my obligation to my fellow people because I'm His servant. And I know, I am capable of doing anything and be of help to anyone. I don't have casualties, I don't have any physical disabilities, I don't have mental disorders and I am very grateful for that... Though partially, I have a few damaged brain cells caused by all the alcohol and drugs I took in (Haha! Kidding aside, Jokes are half meant; I know, I could be a retard sometimes). But even if I do have these, let's say a broken arm or leg (Nick Vijicic was born without arms and legs but he's a world famous motivational speaker), it's still not a good excuse for me to stop doing what I do. And that's to help others through my own little ways. such as feeding projects, volunteer works and sharing my life-changing experiences with God in little groups and ministries of the younger generation. It's not because I want them to be like me, but for them to understand that change is good and each one of us has their own life experiences to tell that could serve as an inspiration to the world in different ways by their different stories.

Being a single parent is very hard, no one could really understand the feeling of handling the daily struggles and physical activities of raising a child or children alone (especially in their toddler years) except for those who are experiencing the same. See, if I don't have a job, I'm a moocher who's probably on welfare. But if I do have a job, I'm not taking care of my kid... Even though with all my struggles and hardships raising a child, I still managed to squeeze in, in my well-being, a life I am born to live, what I am significantly born to do. Clearly, it is the answer to the question "Why am I here?". I have to give credits to my Big Daddy above, for granting me the wisdom and helping me find my place in His plan. I must give thanks to Him for giving me these people, these precious gems He graciously handpicked and placed in my life. I can't wait for Him to add some more. These people truly inspire me, they light my fire. I want to be of inspiration to them too, with my enlightened words at least, to give a profound effect in the hearts and minds of the rest.

Thank you Xiomara, for inspiring me and supporting me to mold me to be the best (bukod kay mummi). You are the best. We have are Daddyow that's why our relationship grew stronger. I love you BOTH! :)

Here's the blog my friend wrote:

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Vision for a Friend

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I never expected we'd be this great friends. I never expected to last in a friendship or relationship with anyone because I'm just like that. But this person never pressured me to be anyone im not. Nobody has ever made me feel so comfortable when it comes to giving my 100% trust. I can comfortably tell her my worries, problems, and sad moments and I know she would never judge me.

I can easily ignore a lot of people when they text or call me, but it's amazing how she could get me to stop what I'm doing when she gives me a call. No matter how busy our lives are, we still continue to see each other and update each other about our lives. It's not difficult to love her as a friend because she's so supportive in everything I tell her. But if you know how we started out in our friendship, you wouldn't think that we could be this close.

It's amazing how we've become friends. Back in college, we knew each other by name because she's popular and she said her brother had a crush on me. HAHAHA We started getting to know each other online on multiply. We added each other as contacts on multiply but we still did not comment nor spoke to each other. There was a night when we couldn't sleep. She noticed my post about the band 311 and that drew her. She messaged me and we started to chat. Back then, i wouldn't have thought we would be great friends. when we would pass by each other in school, it's as if we never talked online! We wouldn't even nod at each other. we never existed to each other. Looking back, it just makes me laugh. She's my only friend today that I know I'd grow up with telling my whole life to. We just understand each other.

Today, we're both single and I guess God has a reason for everything.  Our last conversation was just so funny because we both realized we were thinking of the same thing. we shared to each other that somehow we wonder if we're ever going to get married and how God is enough for us. But, I guess our being single today says a lot about our fellowship. God has a purpose for everything. Maybe God just wants us to be strong as women and encourage each other in our journey with Christ. God showed us that the most important thing we need to be focused on right now is Jesus. And being who we are in relationships, it would be difficult to get us to love God knowing that we're into other people (haha. just telling the truth). 

She's one of the gifts I know God has given me just because of the fact that I'm in fellowship with her. Today, she gave me a call and told me about ministering to younger people about their relationship with Christ and how she went through the same struggles that they are facing right now.

We were both crazy growing up in that we gave ourselves away to worldly living, but who would've thought that Jesus won't just let us go like that. i know that building our relationship with God is our ultimate reason why we are in this journey, but sometimes I delight in the thought of seeing family and friends in Heaven where every day is a holiday. I can't help but think about our time in heaven where I would see her there enjoying the beaches she can never see anywhere in the world. :) More importantly, I'd see her enjoying the company of a great Person who is perfect in His love for her.

and Yes, that's what she deserves. I pray nothing but the best for her. i am blessed to witness her growth in Christ. I love her like a sister. You know, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I share about this part of her life on my blog because this is her life's testimony. how she is right now will give nothing but glory to God. I met her as a person whom everybody loves to be with because of her charisma, at least that's what I see. She is always out there, partying and going out with friends. She was far from worshipping God the way she does now. But God changed her heart.

She's changed a lot. i know we're supposed to have dinner today but because im not well i postponed it. But even when she planned this dinner last week, she said "no. don't worry. we will not drink. just chill and eat and talk." Amazing, right? :)

I want her to grow in her ministry. She's been helping out in planting seeds to the poor and my vision for her is to travel the world not to exactly have fun but receive God's joy in her heart by praying for the poor and turning their ways from pity and to an expectation of God's blessings and favor. She loves to travel, and even though she's so busy in her domestic life right now, I know that God will open doors for her and everything will work out for her good.

Won't you just join me tonight in prayer for the Holy Spirit to work in her life in the ministry?

I'm already so excited for her! I claim every blessing for her right now in Jesus'
name. :)