Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something Made Different.

Circumstances has turned drastically. Fortunately, the year has been good to me as this will be my first blog entry for 2013. A lot has changed as my life continues to take its natural course to self-improvement, success and growth. I think this year has my name written all over it. It's about the death of the outworn aspect of myself and my life, while the sunrise of rebirth is always waiting in the horizon. Add to this fact that my ruler, is in what is known "mutual reception" with the swapping signs and the force for rebuilding my life from its very foundation is doubled. Death and rebirth become daily themes as I shed layers upon layers of the former me. Wonderful isn't it? The speed at which my life is moving, evolving and changing is unprecedented. What can I only do is simply trust that to whatever I'm putting my passionate energy into this year will indeed build out to something lasting and beautiful. I could feel that this could easily be one of the most exhilarating and spiritual years in a long time (emphasis on the spiritual hehe). I will definitely appreciate the support for my quest for deep change and self-awareness. I will delve into my own secret depths and discover how powerful I really am. I will heal others by showing them that it's safe to confront their own darkness as I have done. Now I finally understood it perfectly... The real definition of change; the means of actually doing and applying it into your life rather than just always thinking about it. I finally fathomed what it means to be truly embracing change.  But of course, for everything I had, have and will have, I'm still trying to figure it out how to make it through this life, because If i did, I'm good as dead. I'm grateful to be a part of life's pleasing processes. Considering this some greatest realization. Word.