Monday, August 23, 2010

Make A DIfference.

We're here for only a while, and then we're gone. Do our lives matter? Is it possible to make a difference in the world around us? Can one person really change anything?

There's only one answer to those questions and that is YES! Every life matters. One person can certainly change things. And the question is not "if" we will make a difference in this world, but rather what kind of difference will that be? We will impact the world around us for good or for evil?

If I really wanted to make a difference I would...

*Celebrate diversity. - Different is GOOD!

*Talk less and listen more. - A true listener hears with the ears, head and heart.

*Avoid negative thinking. - The tone of our thoughts becomes the tone of our lives.

*Take more pictures. - Pictures are little frames of time.

*Remember to say "Thank you." - Thank you says, "I notice; I understand; I acknowledge."

*Be the first to say "I'm sorry." - "Sorry" is best said with the heart and the head.

*Be on time. - Someone else's time is a terrible thing to waste.

*Live in the present. - Change is possible only in the present.

*Refuse people to walk on me. - Respect is a gift you must first give to yourself.

*Do my part to take care of the planet. - Taking care of the planet makes life better for everyone.

*Value my family. - Family first!

*Tell the truth. - Truth is the sister of peace.

*Keep my priorities straight. - It's ever wise to prioritize.

*Give myself a break. - Reaching too far can cause you to lose your grip.

*Think responsibly. - Only you can change your mind.

*Keep an open mind. - Keep your mind open to life's grand possibilities.

-- Those were only a few. There are so many ways in our daily lives that we, you and I, can make a difference in this world. It's about time to start.

Pay it forward.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Keg Experience

Last night, I went at The Keg again for a random night out. It was my first time to taste their famous Beer Ice Cream... Yes, you read that right. Beer flavored ice cream. It's actually good! :) It has toffee and nuts (and Caramel which I really, really hate!!! But I ate it anyway). I/we also tried the "It's not you, it's me" (10 spirits) carafe. I was told that it was a line always used by guys when breaking up with their girls... Anyway, I heard their steak is also an out-of-this-world must-try meal. Well, I must say... I AM NOT YET DONE! :))

Here are some snaps from last night:

"a line ALWAYS used..."

Look at this glass... Am I drunk already? Or it's drunk? IT'S DRUNKK??!?
Cute isn't it? That liar and fancy glass.

~ fin de blog ~