Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mt. Pulag: Freedom Above The Clouds.

I haven't blogged for a few months but since I have a lot of pending entries and suppressed thoughts I will start today before the year ends. 

So last (sorry I couldn't remember), I went to Mt. Pulag... It wasn't my first time to travel alone but it was my first climb without bringing friends along. But of course being an extrovert that I am, I made new ones during the traverse. So I met kuya Rey An, the founder of BigFoot Adventures at the terminal where we rode a bus going to Baguio and from there, we rode a jeepney going to Benguet where the climb started. I joined an organized group because I heard you can't climb Mt. Pulag alone especially when it's your first time going there. Plus why would I even try climbing the second highest mountain in the Philippines alone? Really, just why? Hahahaha

I learned that in the group, there were three solo travelers including me - the other one even came from Dipolog, flew in to Manila just to join us. His reasons were quite similar as mine.. He doesn't want any possible drama with anyone close, he only has to worry about himself and most of all.. It's just him, the world and that self-discovering some kinda soul searching thingy everyone like us do...LEARN. Ah, whatever. You get me I know. 

So immediately after the briefing as we were about to start the trek, we made a buddy system so no one gets lost. I'm not a pro mountaineer but I've climbed some mountains back in my hometown (thanks to my legit mountaineer friends for introducing it to me) - it's where me and my South friends get to bond with mother Earth peacefully and get in synch with our being. Anyway, for those who haven't tried trekking or haven't been into the mountains... Naturally, we should treat her with much respect as we treat our mothers, that's why we call her mother Earth, right? So noisy folks aren't allowed there. Especially intoxicated ones..... Tho I won't lie, we've managed to hide a few bottles BUT we were well-behaved and kept our garbage to ourselves and disposed it properly. That time it was our excuse to beat the cold (it was around 4-6celsius), the mosquitos and the awkwardness of socializing to new found friends in the group. 

So after a 2-hour climb (others 3hours), we reached the campsite, set up the tent, cooked lunch/dinner, drank - got to know each other and went to sleep. We woke up around 4:30am, got ready to transcend to the summit so we could witness the sun rise above the sea of clouds. 

I wasn't lucky enough to have the sea of clouds while watching the sun rose, because the day before it rained so it was low pressured. But I am sure grateful to have reached the summit of Mt. Pulag. I went on this trip alone and came back with a dozen of friends. I will say it again, I may never meet them again in my life but I will never forget them and what we went through - I say this often because I'm still fascinated by the process, it is the true meaning of life for me. It is when we connect to people, to mother Earth, to our roots that we get to understand the essence of our lives. 

I guess I wasn't lost afterall :) I felt freedom above the clouds. 

Three words: veni, vidi, vici. 

I came, I saw, I conquered.

On top of the jeepney going up

With kuya Rey An, founder of BigFoot Adventres

We couldn't butt in for a photo so we included them instead

These climbers at the back enjoying the view from the summit..
Me, just being green with the greenery.