Sunday, September 9, 2012

THE Clothing's 3rd Year Anniversary.

Last night at Cubao X... TH3!!!!

 Ha! I missed this office... Ronac Art Center.

 Egg Fiasco! Naks! Pa-autograph! Hahahaha itlog!

Si sir Carrot Bombing hahahahahaha

Friday, September 7, 2012


I needed to face reality outside and its humidity, so I went out for a walk, a really long walk that is.. It rained again so these streets are still dirty of course, and wet, but it's okay. I just had to let out a good sweat and what a great feeling it was for me even with the sticky heat. This day moved me once again, as I saw different faces and different races. Real people... Thoughts flooded my mind as i walked slow, then fast, and again slow... Depending on which is in front of me. I noticed the road and realized something simple yet so complex to us and to our psyche. See, in life and reality...we have these roads with holes, rocky ones, or dirt roads; to make your walking or driving go slow. I just thought... well, isn't it the same what we face during life's struggles? Yea, I know we have these tons of quotes saying "Life is like a road" blah blah blah.. but we don't really comprehend its meaning and how we should define it. Maybe it's just a bit of a nudge that when things go wrong or rough, we feel like it takes forever for us to realize what's ahead of us because we are too busy complaining and whining about the problem. So when we get to the easy and open thoroughfare, we go too fast without thinking... Without speed limits. And also, without realizing in just a blink of an eye, the thoughts you invested with the valuable time you had during the slow rides was just a total absolute waste of energy. Well, like I said, it's just a thought in my head. The day looked so promising and I was overwhelmed that life is truly a blessing to all of us. We should be grateful everyday of what we have. Even if you only have 20 pesos in your shorts, even if you see a lot of amiss in what surrounds you. Don't look. There's a big difference in what you see and what you look at. Tea anyone? I hoarded today. Bought 5. Chrysanthemum, Assam, Honeydew, Barley and Wintermelon. But of course, I am willing to share :) 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Evening Sun.

I am indeed ready to go through a maturation process, regardless of my age. A requirement of absolute integrity and commitment in all arenas of my life... To this, I know deep in my heart that now, I am very clear on where my line in the sand is, and what I will and will not put up to this. There will be no more dragging anyone's heart here. I've been through enough losses over the past few years to understand that there's no point in getting even, as we see life as a passionate and deeply emotionally exercise to human connection. Very deep and like the ocean, we can never really see the bottom of this. So let me take you on a journey beyond the literal surface of things. What a gorgeous sunset we have in the Manila skyline today... with a tad bit of rain. Hi eternal Father, shall we merge again? :) and as always... You keep me going. You are truly majestic, Your Highness. 

Photo credits to Nicolo Santiago