Thursday, July 14, 2011

Topsy Turvy Calaverita

Okay, here goes. I had a few days with international artists Amanda Visell, Michelle Valigura, Carlos East (half of The Beast Brothers, too bad Ernesto couldn't join) and Nichole "The Baroness" East (Calos' other half). They went here in Manila because they did a collaboration with us, Secret Fresh Gallery. Topsy Turvy Croc by Amanda Visell and the Calaverita by The Beast Brothers. Of course I showed them around and so we toured a few places Manila such as Manila's China Town (Binondo), The Chinese Cemetery (because Nichole has a thing with cemeteries hehe), a few malls etc... We didn't really do and see much because we didn't have enough time and their days are packed! Well, I, most especially them, wanted to see more of Manila and the rest of the PI but time didn't permit us. SO... We just had the best we could to have a good time. I'm sure next time they visit there'll be more of what we could offer. Until next time guys! And oh! Thanks for the artworks! :)