Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015: First of firsts all over again.

It's been sappy, the past couple of years has...and an awful lot of smiles, poop and cries. For all the truth behind all lies, may God pour His grace onto us all with a fruitful year ahead and abundant blessings. Never declare your problems and weaknesses to the demons, don't speak of it for they will know where to attack you. Let's just pray for each and every one here on the surface of the Earth and beyond all hearts and souls. It is the time to say thanks to everyone who made sense in your life, we know everyone has, either as a lesson or a blessing. Thank you! I don't need to drop names because you know who you all are. Where ever part in the world we are, we will always find a way to connect. Thank you to my dearest family and friends!! It's this time of the year that we again, experience rebirth. I am grateful for my past that made me turn back to our Big Daddy again. Yes, I was born again and enjoying my Christian journey now. Thank You Jesus for setting me free and accepting me as Your daughter again as I still am repenting. The other two things I'm grateful for next to God, is my boy AK, the only truth I know. And of course, my other half now. Like egg on top, so happy and content. Other than that, have a Happy New Year y'all! May all our hopes, wishes and dreams come true. I love you all! We'll see you at the line up 😘💘🎉

          Photo by Morgan Maassen