Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Street Grub.

Here's to this wonderful month full of surprises... It's been a while since I stayed here in my hometown for a long time. I went out one late afternoon and met my friends at the town proper, we found a new place which is previously a lomi house, they expanded and renovated a little bit. And so we tried the food there, we ordered pizza and we later discovered that some ingredients are fresh from Barcelona and the pizza dough was made from scratch! Hahaha what a treat we had. The owner told us that he grew up there and went home obviously to retire and run his small business here. I was overwhelmed with gladness simply because, not only the food was very cheap, the place also had a "cocktail bar" in it! Haha the owner himself will make you a sangria. We didn't try one tho. Here are a few snaps. Sorry I didn't take a picture of the place but to describe, it's just like a common merienda place with a feel na parang nasa bahay ka lang... Because the owner said that's how it is in Spain also "parang nasa bahay lang". It didn't make so much impact tho because it's one of those typical mini canteens in our town. Unlike the food, it's like digging gold in your own backyard. Haha! :)

Their P25 "Burger with Fries" :))

 Pizzaaaa... P140 only! Good for 3-4 :)

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