Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm losing it... I don't know but, you know times like these, what will be will be. Even though you are in control, sometimes you just can't stand the fact that you are losing it. Losing what? The passion? What you really are? Well, in my case, the things that define me. Change is coming and I can feel it; with a dash of what I dreamt of becoming in the past rushing in now...unfolding its page one by one. I honestly do not know if I should be happy, because I don't know what "will" or what "is" making me happy now. A vampire once told me that, "Do not forget the present, it is all that matters. And don't forget to eat breakfast." - True enough that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the best way to start your day, even if you wake up at the wrong side of the bed. Oh well, just a random thought. I know... This is a sign of being lost. And I'm on my way to finding myself once again! I will find you one day, I will find you.

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